Yash Tandon Yash Tandon is from Uganda and has worked at many different levels as an academic, a teacher, a political thinker, a rural development worker, a civil society activist, and an institution builder. He was involved in the democratic struggles in Uganda and was member of the interim Uganda Parliament (1979-80).

His Latest Book: Trade is War

‘It is not war with bombs and drones. But trade can be as lethal, and as much a ‘weapon of mass destruction’, as bombs.’ More…
Trade is War


Responses to Neoliberal Globalisation
Neoliberal globalisation was West’s response to multiple crises it faced late 70s and early 80s following, among other things, American defeat in Vietnam, the overthrow of the Shah in Iran, and working class agitation in the West. Today it is a discredited ideology, but it continues to bring havoc to vulnerable communities in the North as well as in the South, and to the global environment.


Non-Violent Approaches to Structural Violence
Stuctural violence is embedded in the system of oppression and exploitation of weaker communities for the benefit of a very tiny part of the world’s population. Structural violence triggers physical violence at different levels. Are there non-violent approaches to structural violence? There must be if humanity is to survive.



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