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Reflections on Post US Elections Geopolitics PART 3: ECONOMIC NATIONALISM

Capitalism has been a progressive force in its times. But it has given rise to resistance at various levels. The first resistance came from its exploited classes – the industrial workers. When Capitalism was obliged by its own logic to … Continue reading →

Reflections on Post US Elections Geopolitics Part Two: Imperialism and Revolution

In Part One I traced the rise of Ronald Trump and his distinct ideology which could be termed “Trumpism” – a strongly nationalist ideology outside the mainstream Establishment.  Trump won against great odds. How far he will succeed in his … Continue reading →

Trump and Trumpism: Reflections on post US elections geopolitics

Nov 17, 2016 Trump’s victory is partly because of his own skills, but also partly because the world is changing. We are witnessing a civilizational shift – the slow, painful death of the Western Empire. Even in rich America millions … Continue reading →

The Consequences of Jeremy Corbyn for Africa

My last blog was on the US elections where I argued that although neither Clinton nor Trump is my hero, Trump is a better bet from an African perspective. In this piece I argue that in the political contest for … Continue reading →


Sometimes it helps to start an essay with a quote that sums up ones position. Here is one from the English philosopher Bertrand Russell that defines my position. This is what he said: “A man without a bias cannot write … Continue reading →


“I’m delighted that our 194 member states have been able to reach this consensus, giving a central role to UNCTAD in delivering the sustainable development goals,” said UNCTAD’s Secretary General Mukhisa Kituyi on the fourteenth session of the United Nations … Continue reading →

The Chilcot Report – The Curse of Impunity

In 2000 and 2001 President Mugabe claimed time and again that the then British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, was plotting to overthrow his regime. The State television reported that a British naval flotilla was deployed in the landlocked Okavango delta … Continue reading →


When things fall apart, they don’t do so by accident. There are underlying deeper historical and civilizational forces. No civilization has existed for ever. European civilization is ebbing in front of our eyes – for those who have eyes to … Continue reading →


General Dwight D. Eisenhower, at his Farewell Address as president in 1961, coined the phrase ‘The military-industrial complex’ (MIC). He alerted the nation to guard against its influence on politics. He said that the MIC typically attempts to marshal political … Continue reading →

On African Renaissance and the CFTA

The Sixth International Conference on African Unity for Renaissance will take place in Pretoria between 22 and 25 May. It has an inspiring theme of “The Knowledge, Spiritual and Struggle Heritage for Re-imagining Innovative Africa”.  Among its aims are to … Continue reading →