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  1. Just to add, there may be two students in this course. let me know as soon at my email:


  2. Hello Yashjee:

    Greetings and Namaste! I am Pramod Parajuli, a native Nepali and a professor at Prescott College. I am also a longtime friend of Smitu, Vijaya Pratap, Ashsisda, Rajni and such in India. I missed getting in touch with you at Tunis World Social Forum in March when VijayaP said that you were around and it would have been great to catch up. You may remember Smitu’s and my chapter appeared in Wolfgang edited Global Ecology (1993) from which I also got to know about your good work in Africa.

    In the immediate, I am contacting you to see if you were available to mentor on a course (tentatively titled, Wellbeing in Africa) for one of my PhD students, Jeff Walton. This is a online one-to-one course and you will help him design the syllabus (draft is ready for your review) and read some of his assignments. My college pays minimal for your labor and I am also involved in the courses as his advisor. I would love for you to be involved with our college when such opportunity arises. Let me know ASAP if this is a possibility at all this fall (sept-Dec) on your part. This course may continue as its second part in spring, 2014. If you are available, I will send the syllabus and cc to Jeff.



    Pramod Parajuli, Ph.D.